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Posted by Kristen McDonald on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 00:23

GREAT BEND OF THE YANGTZE RIVER (2nd and 3rd week of March, 2011)
This trip is the premier rafting trip in China, offering beautiful canyons, world class rapids, and pristine beaches. We stay in a 1000 year old Naxi Village and visit Pumi and Tibetan villages along the way. The Great Bend is at the heart of the struggle to protect China's wild rivers; this section of river is soon to be unrunnable due to a series of large hydropower dams. For a sneak peak at what this trip has to offer, see our Earth Island Journal article, or read a blog on the International Rivers website. Or, see our trip flyer for more information about this special journey. To participate, contact Kristen at kristen@chinariversproject.

We are also developing a longer trip which would start on the Great Bend, and then move to the upper Mekong for some runs that have only been boated a few times.  Then we do a 2-3 day land trek over a high mountain pass into the Salween River valley for more exciting boating on the Salween!  We are formatting the adventure so that you can do all or some of the rivers.  We need to schedule this trip in late winter or the fall.


The Upper Yangtze (Tongtian River) in Gansu Province is a pristine, high plateau river with stunning scenery and dozens of Tibetan villages and monasteries and class III whitewater (season: June-September. For stories on a recent Tongtian trip, see www.yangtzedescent.com.
China Rivers Project teams with Last Descents River Expeditions to offer an exclusive and exciting trip on the headwaters of the Yellow River, in an ethnically Tibetan region of Gansu Province. Your participation in this second descent of this section of the Yellow River helps support China Rivers Project's efforts to protect the area from dams
and other development. The trip includes eight days on the river, and offers not only world class rapids but a rare glimpse at a gorge described as Grand Canyon of the Colorado-like in scenery, plus the added bonus of visiting isolated Tibetan villages and holy sites. For more information, please contact kristen@chinariversproject.org. Or, download Last Descents River Expeditions' flyer.
Questions? contact Kristen@chinariversproject.org or Travis@chinariversproject.org